Apprasials /Estimates

Fast, Accurate and Reliable Classic Car Appraisals.

Use your appraisal for:

• Insurance:     Many insurance companies will require an appraisal before they will offer a policy on a specific vehicle. Others may require an appraisal if the value of a vehicle exceeds a certain threshold, particularly if you have an "agreed value" policy.

• Accidents:     In the event that you are unfortunate enough to suffer a partial or total loss, a current appraisal will document the value of the vehicle prior to the loss. It can also help to establish if a vehicle's value has been diminished as the result of a loss, as is often the case, even after being repaired.

• Financing:     An appraisal is often needed to obtain financing for a collector vehicle.

• Purchases:     The value of collector vehicles is continually changing and an appraisal will help you to determine the correct value of the vehicle. Additionally, it will be a useful tool when negotiating a purchase price.

• Sales:     In order to realize the highest selling price for your collector vehicle, you must first know its true value in a given market. Knowing this value, and pricing the vehicle realistically will enable you to get the best price, in the shortest period of time.

• Courts/Litigation:     (Including Matrimonial, Probate & IRS) An appraisal will often be necessary to determine the value of a collector vehicle as it applies to legal issues. This may be the result of a disagreement between parties as to the value of a vehicle following an accident, theft or other legal matter. Courts may also order an appraisal of one or more vehicles in cases where it becomes necessary to establish the value of a collector vehicle as part of an estate.

• Donations:     A classic car appraisal will establish the value of a collector vehicle to be used for tax purposes in the case of charitable contributions.